Harlan代理 TD.85419 Zinc Deficient Diet 锌缺乏饲料

Harlan代理 TD.85419 Zinc Deficient Diet 锌缺乏饲料
Harlan Teklad动物饲料

Harlan Teklad Custom Diet

Harlan TD.85419  Zinc Deficient Diet

Formula g/Kg
Egg White Solids, spray-dried 200
Dextrose, monohydrate 634.2658
Corn Oil 100
Cellulose 30
Vitamin Mix, Teklad (40060) 10
Biotin 0.004
Mineral Mix, Zn Deficient (81264) 25.6902
Chromium Potassium Sulfate, dodecahydrate 0.02
Ethoxyquin, antioxidant 0.02


Egg white solids are used instead of casein to reduce background zinc. The zinc content of the diet ranges from approximately 0.5 – 1.5 ppm. TD.85420 is a possible ingredient matched control with ~50ppm zinc from zinc carbonate. For questions about this or other zinc adjusted diets

Selected Nutrient Information

% by weight % kcal from
Protein 16.1 16.6
Carbohydrate 58.3 60.2
Fat 10 23.2
Kcal/g 3.9
  • Values are calculated from ingredient analysis or manufacturer data

Key Features

  • Purified Diet
  • Zinc
  • Egg White Solids
  • Rodent

Key Planning Information

  • Products are made fresh to order
  • Store product at 4°C or lower
  • Use within 6 months (applicable to most diets)
  • Box labeled with product name, manufacturing date, and lot number
  • Replace diet at minimum once per week

More frequent replacement may be advised

  • Lead time:
  • 2 weeks non-irradiated
  • 4 weeks irradiated

Product Specific Information

  • 1/2″ Pellet or Powder (free flowing)
  • Minimum order 3 Kg
  • Irradiation available upon request