Wako 残留DNA提取试剂盒 DNA with DNA Extractor® Kit

Wako 残留DNA提取试剂盒 DNA with DNA Extractor® Kit

This article was written by Hiroki Fukuchi, Life Science Research Laboratories of FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation, Japan.

因为许多生物药物,包括疫苗,都是由培养的细胞或微生物(如大肠杆菌指出宿主细胞来源的DNA可能存在于合成的药物物质和产物中.鉴于残留DNA可能转移宿主细胞或病毒衍生的癌基因,病毒DNA可能导致感染事件,定量检测残留DNA是制造业的重要测试,也是生物制药过程验证等测试的一部分。正如一份报告所指出的那样,每一剂量的残余DNA最多可达100 pg,这对于生物制药来说是可以接受的,1)不仅在美国和欧洲国家,而且在其他国家,越来越需要对宿主细胞中的残留DNA进行定量检测。为了检测残留DNA的痕迹,必须从样品中提取出高收率的残留DNA。本文旨在介绍DNA提取器的用途。®用于检测残留DNA作为DNA纯化试剂的试剂盒。

DNA提取器®试剂盒(#295-50201,Fujifilm Wako纯化学公司)






Since many biopharmaceuticals, including vaccines, are manufactured from cultured cells or microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, it is pointed out that host cell-derived DNA may remain in resultant drug substances and products. Given the possibility that the residual DNA may transfer host cell- or virus-derived oncogenes and that viral DNA may cause infectious events, quantitative detection of residual DNA is important testing for manufacturing and as part of testing such as process validation for biopharmaceuticals. As indicated by a report recommending that up to 100 pg of residual DNA per dose is acceptable for biopharmaceuticals,1) there is increasing need for quantitative detection of residual DNA from host cells as a quality test not only in the US and European countries but also in other countries. To detect traces of residual DNA, it is necessary to extract traces of residual DNA from a sample at a high yield. This article is intended to introduce the usefulness of DNA Extractor® Kit in detecting traces of residual DNA as a DNA purification reagent.

DNA Extractor® Kit (#295-50201, FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation)

Prior to detection and quantification of total DNA in a biologics, it is necessary to separate and purify DNA in the biologics from other biological components such as proteins. In general, DNA is isolated through protease-mediated digestion of specimen followed by extraction with phenol and/or chloroform. However, this method has disadvantages that deleterious phenol and chloroform have to be used and that time- and labor-consuming extraction is required, although quite highly pure DNA can be obtained. In addition, solid-phase extraction via silica carriers, which results in loss of DNA due to adsorption on carriers, is not ideal to recover traces of DNA. Extraction with organic solvents is also not favorable with inefficient recovery of traces of DNA, which is a key issue to be addressed with DNA extraction reagents.

DNA Extractor® Kit (Product code: 295-50201), which we launched in 1992, resolves the aforementioned limitations by using sodium iodide to extract highly pure DNA at high yields through simple procedures.

Principle of DNA Extractor® Kit

The components of the kit* contain sodium iodide and surfactants, which act as protein solubilizers (chaotropic ions) by solubilizing proteins and other biological components in specimens to precipitate (coprecipitate) nucleic acids (mainly DNA) and glycogen selectively when 2-propanol is added.2) Purification steps are simplified to produce precipitates without carriers or organic solvents, unlike the aforementioned methods, enabling the extraction of traces of DNA at high yields.

* Components of the kit:
Sodium Iodide Solution, Sodium N-Lauryl Sarcosinate Solution, Washing Solution (A),
Washing Solution (B), Glycogen Solution

Example of DNA extraction with DNA Extractor® Kit and total DNA quantification

A report on yields of DNA in the presence of diluents or excipients with the use of the kit, which was originally published on page 28 in Wako Pure Chemical Jiho Vol. 60 No. 3 (1992), is introduced here. In this experiment, model solutions were prepared by dissolving usual or excessive doses of substances often used as diluents or excipients (e.g., arginine, urea) or proteins (BSA and human γ-globulin) in phosphate-buffered saline, and a given amount (pg) of calf thymus DNA was added to each model solution. Subsequently, DNA was extracted from 400 μL of model solution according to the instructions on the label of DNA Extractor® Kit. The obtained precipitates were dissolved in 500 μL of phosphate-buffered saline, and total DNA was quantified using Threshold® Total DNA assay system,*3,4) to measure the yield of DNA. Measurement results are presented in Table 1.

Table 1. Yields of DNA in the presence of diluents or excipients
Diluent and its amount Amount of DNA (pg) Yield of DNA (%)
Sorbitol 200 mg/mL
50 mg/mL
Maltose 400 mg/mL
200 mg/mL
50 mg/mL
Mannitol 200 mg/mL 50 84
Dextrose 200 mg/mL 50 81
Sucrose 200 mg/mL 50 92
Urea 1 mol/L 50 106
Arginine 200 mg/mL 50 110
γ-globulin 60 mg/mL
60 mg/mL
60 mg/mL
BSA 200 mg/mL 10 95

For all five sugars at one or more concentrations, 80% to 110% of DNA was recovered. For arginine and urea, DNA was extracted at a high yield. For both BSA and human γ-globulin, the proteins tested, the yield of DNA was high (some proteins in specimens may precipitate, but the precipitation can be managed with dilution or proteolytic enzymes5)). The aforementioned results show that the kit can extract residual DNA from various samples at high yields in a highly reproducible manner.

* Threshold® Total DNA assay system is manufactured by Molecular Devices for total DNA quantification and designed to quantitatively measure DNA as a molecule rather than as a gene. This system has a detection sensitivity of 2 pg/assay for total DNA.

Example of extraction of traces of residual DNA with DNA Extractor® Kit and DNA quantification by qPCR assay

As mentioned above, Threshold® Total DNA assay system is intended to quantify total DNA, but not to detect any specific gene. Considering the advantages of qPCR quantification for detecting a specific gene, which can be used to detect residual DNA clearly derived from host cells more sensitively than total DNA quantification with Threshold® Total DNA assay system, it was investigated whether traces of DNA could be extracted from potential host cells.

In this experiment, genomic DNA from CHO cells or Escherichia coli, which are widely used to produce proteins and antibodies, was used as a residual DNA model to extract and quantify traces of residual DNA using a qPCR assay. The experimental procedure is presented in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Experimental procedure


First, DNA was extracted from samples spiked with 0.1 to 100 pg of genomic DNA in 100 μL of water (distilled water for injection) using the kit and then dissolved in 100 μL of water. Subsequently, a qPCR assay was performed to calculate the yield of DNA from a calibration curve prepared simultaneously. The yield of DNA was 85% to 120% for Escherichia coligenome in the range of 1 to 100 pg and for CHO cell genome in the range of 0.1 to 100 pg (the yield was almost 100% up to 1,000 pg for both genomes, although no data are presented here).

Another experiment was performed based on the assumption that residual DNA was contained in a cell culture supernatant. After Panc-1, a human pancreatic cancer-derived cell line, was cultured in 10% FBS DMEM for 3 days, 0.1 pg of genomic DNA from CHO cells was added to 500 μL of culture supernatant to prepare a cell culture supernatant sample. The yield was calculated to be 0.093 pg from a calibration curve. This experiment showed that 0.1 pg (100 fg) of residual DNA in a 500-μL sample, as small as trace in fg units, can be extracted at a high yield using the kit. In addition, traces of residual DNA was recovered from all samples, including water, phosphate-buffered saline, and cell culture supernatant, at as high yields as almost 90% or more (Tables 1 and 2), suggesting that the kit can extract traces of residual DNA from various samples at high yields, as mentioned in the section of total DNA quantification.

Table 2. Yields of genomic DNA
(added genomic DNA)
Amount of DNA Amount of recovered DNA determined from calibration curve Yield
Distilled water for injection
(Escherichia coli)
0.1pg ND (less than lower limit of detection)
1pg 1.031pg 103%
10pg 11.09pg 111%
100pg 85.1pg 85%
Distilled water for injection
(CHO cells)
0.1pg 0.933pg 93%
1pg 1.187pg 119%
10pg 11.57pg 116%
100pg 87.1pg 87%
Human cell culture supernatant (CHO cells) 0.1pg 0.0928pg 93%


Residual DNA was recovered from samples at high yields using the kit. DNA extraction from samples is a very important step for quantifying residual DNA, and the kit can extract traces of residual DNA at high yields. In addition, since the kit can be used in various samples and may be useful in extracting residual DNA not only from CHO cells but also from other host cells such as Escherichia coli and yeast, the kit is expected to be used for testing of biopharmaceuticals in future.

References  参考文献

  1. Knezevic et al, Biologicals 36:203-211 (2008)
  2. Ishizawa, M et al, Nucleic Acids Res., 19, 5792 (1991)
  3. Kung. V. T et al, Anal. Biochem. 187, 220-227 (1990)
  4. Mizusawa S, Honma R, Pharm Tech. Japan 7, 309-314, 426-431 (1991)
  5. Wako Pure Chemicals Jiho Vol. 61 No. 1 p. 27 (1993)

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Wako 和光纯药 011-27991 Anti Iba1, Goat Iba1抗体,山羊源多克隆抗体说明书

Wako 和光纯药 011-27991 Anti Iba1, Goat  Iba1抗体,山羊源多克隆抗体说明书

Iba1 is a protein highly expressed in microglia and macrophages with a molecular weight of about 16.7 kDa1). The protein is a commonly known microglial marker in the nervous system.This item is a goat polyclonal antibody that reacts with Iba1.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures or therapeutic use.

Iba1是一种约17 kDa的蛋白,在神经系统小胶质细胞中特异性表达,经常被用作小胶质细胞标记物。 本产品是识别Iba1的山羊多克隆抗体。


[Purification] Purified from the goat serum by antigen-affinity chromatography
[Reactivity] Reacts with Iba1
[Antigen] Synthetic peptide corresponding to the C-terminus of Iba1
[Clone No.] -( polyclonal)
[Species cross reactivity] Mouse and Rat(Other species have not been tested)
[Host] Goat
[Concentration] indicated on the label
[Formulation] TBS

[抗原]对应于Iba1 C末端的合成肽
[配方] TBS

Immunohistochemistry( frozen section) 1 : 250-1,000
Immunohistochemistry( paraffin section) 1 : 250-1,000
Western Blot 1 : 1,000
Optimal concentration should be determined by each laboratory
for each application.
Store at -20℃ .  Avoid repeated freeze and thaw.
【Recommended protocol( Immunohistochemistry frozen section)】
Wistar rat or ICR mouse was perfusion-fixed with 4% paraformaldehyde.
replaced sucrose, and prepared 25μm brain section
by microtome.
Wash : 0.3% TritonX-100 in PBS, 5 min × 3

Blocking : 1% BSA and 0.3% TritonX-100 in PBS, 2 hour, RT

Primary antibody : goat anti-Iba1 (1/1000), 1% BSA, and 0.3%

TritonX-100 in PBS, overnight, 4℃

Wash : 0.3% TritonX-100 in PBS, 5 min × 3

Secondary antibody : AlexaFluor488 anti-goat IgG (1/1000,
Jackson Immuno Research Laboratories #705-545-147), 1%
BSA, and 0.3% TritonX-100 in PBS, 2 hour, RT

Wash : 0.3% TritonX-100 in PBS, 5 min × 3

【Reference】 参考文献
1) Imai, Y., Ibata, I., Ito, D., Ohsawa, K. and Kohsaka, S. : Biochem.
Biophys. Res. Commun., 224, 855( 1996).

◆应用实例 1:免疫组织染色(荧光染色)

Immunohistochemistry (fluorescent staining)



样品:阿尔茨海默病模型小鼠(APPNL-G-F 小鼠)大脑新皮层冰冻切片


二抗:Alexa Fluor488标记抗山羊IgG

Aβ染色:0.001 % FSB溶液(淀粉样蛋白染色荧光探针)




二抗:Alexa Fluor488标记抗山羊IgG

◆应用实例 2:免疫组织染色(DAB染色)





抗原激活:10 mM柠檬酸盐缓冲液(pH 6),90°C,处理10 min

◆应用实例3:蛋白印迹 Western Blotting



样品:大鼠原代培养小胶质细胞  10 μg

样品:大鼠原代培养神经元 10 μg

样品:大鼠原代培养星形胶质细胞  10 μg

样品:大鼠大脑皮层  100 μg



抗原 合成肽(Iba1 C端序列相同)
储存缓冲液 TBS
亚型 山羊IgG
物种交叉性 大鼠、小鼠
抗体浓度 0.5-0.6 mg/mL
应用 免疫组化(冰冻切片)1:250-1,000
免疫印迹 1:1,000


产品编号 产品名称 规格 包装
011-27991 Anti Iba1, Goat


免疫化学用 100 μL


产品编号 产品名称 规格 包装
019-19741 Anti Iba1, Rabbit (for Immunocytochemistry)
免疫化学用 50 μg
013-27691 Anti Iba1, Rabbit(for Paraffin Section)
免疫化学用 50 μg
016-26461 Anti Iba1, Rabbit, Biotin-conjugated
免疫化学用 100 μL
013-26471 Anti Iba1, Rabbit, Red Fluorochrome(635)-conjugated
免疫化学用 100 μL
016-20001 Anti Iba1,Rabbit (for Western Blotting)
免疫化学用 50 μg
012-26723 Anti Iba1, Monoclonal Antibody(NCNP24)
免疫化学用 10 μL
017-27591 Anti Human Iba1, Monoclonal Antibody(NCNP27)
抗人 Iba1,单抗(NCNP27)
免疫化学用 10 μL

Wako 和光纯药 011-27991 Anti Iba1, Goat Iba1抗体,山羊源多克隆抗体

Wako 和光纯药 011-27991 Anti Iba1, Goat  Iba1抗体,山羊源多克隆抗体

名称:Anti Iba1, Goat
用途:for Immunochemistry

Storage Condition : Keep at -20 degrees C.

Application Data

Immunohistochemistry (fluorescent staining)


Immunohistochemistry of frozen section in mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease (APPNL-G-F mouse) brain cerebral neocortex using anti Iba1, goat polyclonal antibody at dilution of 1:1,000, and anti goat IgG, Alexa Flour 488-conjugated. Aβ were stained by 0.001% FSB solution(Amyloid fluorescent probe). The data were provided by Dr. Sakakibara, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology in Japan.


Immunohistochemistry of frozen section in rat(left) and mouse(right) brain cerebral cortex using anti Iba1, goat polyclonal antibody at dilution of 1:250, and anti goat IgG, Alexa Flour 488-conjugated.
The data were provided by Dr. Nakajima from Soka University in Japan.

Immunohistochemistry(DAB staining)


Sample: paraffin section of mouse brain frontal lobe
1st antibody: Anti Iba1, goat(1:1.000)
2nd antibody: Anti goat IgG, biotin-conjugated
Antigen retrieval: 10mM citric acid buffer(pH6.0), 90℃, 10min

Western Blotting


The data were provided by Dr. Nakajima from Soka University in Japan.

Microglia from rat primary culture 10μg
Neuron from rat primary culture 10μg
Astrocyte from rat primary culture 10μg
Cerebral cortex from rat brain 100μg

1st antibody: Anti Iba1, goat(1:1.000)
2nd antibody: Anti goat IgG, HRP-conjugated

Antibody Profile

Antigen Synthetic peptide corresponding to C-terminal of Iba1
Buffer TBS
Species cross-reactivity Rat and Mouse
Antibody concentration 0.5-0.7 mg/mL
Application Immunohistochemistry(frozen section) 1:250-1,000
Immunohistochemistry(paraffin section) 1:250-1,000
Western blotting 1:1,000

Overview / Applications

Outline Iba1 is a calcium-binding protein with a molecular weight of 17,000 specifically expressed in macrophage and microglia.This product is goat polyclonal antibody that specifically recognize Iba1, and is available for a microglial marker.

Antigen: synthetic peptide(C-terminal of Iba1)
Cross-reactivity: mouse, rat
Immunohistochemistry(frozen section) 1:250-1,000
Immunohistochemistry(paraffin section) 1:250-1,000
Western Blotting 1:1,000


Appearance Liquid


  • Anti Iba1, Goat Polyclonal Antibody
    Anti AIF1, Goat Polyclonal Antibody
    Anti IRT1, Goat Polyclonal Antibody



WAKO 295-50201 DNA Extractor Kit 生物制药残余DNA抽提试剂盒

WAKO 295-50201 DNA Extractor Kit  生物制药残余DNA抽提试剂盒

DNA Extractor® Kit

for Genetic Research
Manufacturer :
FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Storage Condition :
Keep at 2-10 degrees C.








Kit component

Kit component
50 tests
Sodium Iodide Solution 2 x 26 mL
Sodium N-Lauryl Sarcosinate Solution 1 x 1.2 mL
Washing Solution (A) 1 x 42 mL
Washing Solution (B) 2 x 40 mL
Glycogen Solution 1 x 0.1 mL


  • Efficient recovery of trace DNA (100-1,000 fg)
  • Perform in a single tube for complete the process
  • Extraction completed in 60-90 minutes
  • Pretreatment protocol for samples containing high protein concentration
  • Adopts Sodium Iodide method*

*Sodium Iodide method is a residual DNA extraction technique that is described in The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) 42-NF37, <509> Residual DNA Testing.


Principle of DNA extraction

i. Cell membrane and cytoplasm are destroyed by surfactant, isolating cell nuclei.
ii. The nuclear membrane and nuclear protein are decomposed by protease to expose DNA.
iii. Protein and lipids are made soluble by the action of sodium iodide, and DNA is precipitated with isopropanol.

Extraction of viral DNA in serum and an infinitesimal amount of fungus-derived DNA in biological products


  • Extraction from serum


    Operation time: 1 to 1.5 hours
    Sample amount: 100 μL/test

  • This kit is intended for use in extracting host cell-derived residual DNA remaining in biological components using the Sodium Iodide method. Extracted DNA can be quantified by qPCR. Use the DNA Extractor® kit for testing and management of the amount of DNA derived from host cells such as CHO cells, Escherichia coli, and yeast. DNA from any species extracted using this kit is suitable for using the Threshold Immunoassay Syste® provided by Molecular Devices, LLC. The kit can also be used for DNA extraction from serum.


Recovery test of CHO cell-derived DNA

To examine the yields of CHO cell-derived DNA from culture supernatant.

Using the kit, DNA was extracted from culture supernatants of PANC-1 cells to which 10 fg to 1 ng of CHO cell-derived DNA was added. A qPCR assay was then performed using the extracted DNA to obtain Cq values.
A qPCR was also performed using purified water to which CHO cell-derived DNA was added, without DNA extraction (standard conditions), to obtain Cq values. The DNA yield under each set of conditions was calculated based on a calibration curve generated from the results of the standard conditions.

1. Purified water containing CHO cell-derived DNA (no DNA extraction): Standard conditions
2. DNA extracted from the culture supernatants of PANC-1 cells containing CHO cell-derived DNA, using the kit.

qPCR reagents:
・GeneAce SYBR® qPCR Mix α No ROX (Nippon Gene#319-07703)
・Optical Flat 8–Cap Strips for 0.2 mL tube strips/Plates (BIO-RAD#TCS0803)
・Hard-Shell® Thin-wall 96-well PCR plates (BIO-RAD#HSP9601)


1. Standard conditions 2. Culture supernatants
Added DNA (fg) Cq 1 Cq 2 Mean Cq 1 Cq 2 Mean
0 ND
100 36.89 ND 36.89 37.44 36.73 37.09
1,000 33.44 33.91 33.68 34.09 34.01
10,000 30.23 30.17 30.20 30.72 30.96 30.84
100,000 26.74 26.68 26.71 26.90 27.03 26.96
1,000,000 23.39 23.28 23.33 23.61 23.48 23.54

ND: Not detected


DNA added to culture supernatants (100 fg to 1 ng) was extracted with high yield.

This test was performed in accordance with Protocol #2 described in the manual.

Recovery test of E. coli-derived DNA

To examine the yields of E. coli-derived DNA.

E. coli-derived DNA (10 fg to 1 ng) was added to purified water, and Cq values were measured before and after DNA extraction using the kit. Calibration curve was generated from mean Cq values of samples before the DNA extraction to calculate the yields after the extraction.

Purified water containing E. coli-derived DNA

qPCR reagents:
・GeneAce SYBR® qPCR Mix α No ROX (Nippon Gene#319-07703)
・Optical Flat 8–Cap Strips for 0.2 mL tube strips/Plates (BIO-RAD#TCS0803)
・Hard-Shell® thin-wall 96-well PCR plates (BIO-RAD#HSP9601)



E. coli-derived DNA added to the samples (1 pg to 1 ng) was extracted with high yield.

This test was performed in accordance with Protocol #1 described in the manual.

Examples of using DNA Extractor® Kit



Ishizawa, M. et al., Nucleic Acids Res., 19, 5792 (1991).

Overview / Applications

Outline This is for research use only. Do not administer it to human. Molecular Biology-DNA Extraction Kits. Detects and quantitates contaminant DNA in serum and residual DNA in biopharmaceuticals. Employs a new extraction procedure for DNA purification from a single tube. This procedure, using Sodium Iodide (NaI) as a chaotropic agent, realizes DNA isolation of both high quality and high recovery from biological fluids without the use of phenol or chloroform. Complex and laborious manipulations are avoided when using this kit. In addition, this kit has a modified application for use with Molecular Devices’ Threshold(TM) System.
PRINCIPLE of DNA EXTRACTION: A high concentration of chaotropic reagent, NaI, and an anionic detergent participate in solubilization of the proteins and lipids contained in biological samples. After addition of isopropanol to the mixture, nucleic acids are co-precipitated with polysaccharide glycogen as a carrier, while other components remain soluble in the solution phase.Ref.: Ishizawa, M., Kobayashi, T. and Matsuura, S., ”Simple procedure of DNA Isolation from Human Serum”, Nucleic Acids Res.19, 5792 (1991).This method was listed on USP39-NF34, page 1413/Pharmacopeial Forum. Vol.41(4).
Purpose DNA extraction.

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Wako 074-06161 Glutelin, from Ric

Wako 074-06161 Glutelin, from Ric

Glutelin, from Rice(Yamadanishiki)
级别:for Cellbiology
代理商 : FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
保存条件Storage Condition : Keep at 2-10 degrees C.

This product is for research use only. Do not administer it to human.

Glutelin is a major protein in rice, and defined as protein which dissolves in dilute acid and alkali.
In Japanese sake brewing, the byproducts of protein breakdown are considered to be a decisive factor in establishing flavor. The National Tax Agency of Japan has determined a special method to measure carboxypeptidase activity in koji mold (Aspergillus oryzae) used for fermentation. However, in recent years it has been reported that synthetic peptide substrates approved by this test are impractical in producing enzymatic activity from koji mold. To this extent, gluterin derived from rice has been shown to be an ideal solution to this problem.

Wako 014-18331 Acibenzolar-S-methyl Standard 噻二唑素-S-甲基标准品

Wako 014-18331 Acibenzolar-S-methyl Standard 噻二唑素-S-甲基标准品

英文名称:Acibenzolar-S-methyl Standard
CAS No.:135158-54-2
纯度:99.0+% (qNMR)



到目前为止,世界上化学农药年产 量近200万吨,约有1000多种人工合成化合物被用作杀虫剂、杀菌剂、杀藻剂、除虫剂、落叶剂等类农药。农药尤其是有机农药大量施用,造成严重的农药污染问题,成为对人体健康的严重威胁。


食用含有大量高毒、剧毒农药残留引起的食 物会导致人、 畜急性中毒事故。长期食用农 药残留超标的农副产品,虽然不会导致急性中 毒,但可能引起人和动物的慢性中毒,导致疾病的发生,甚至影响到下一代。


由于不合理使用农药,特别是除草剂, 导致药害事故频繁, 经常 引起大面积减产甚至绝产,严重影响了农业生产。土壤中残留的长残 效除草剂是其中的一个重要原因。


世 界各国,特别是发达国家对农药残留问题高度重视, 对各种农副产品 中农药残留都规定了越来越严格的限量标准。许多国家以农药残留限量为技术壁垒,限制 农副产品进口,保护农业生产。2000年,欧共体将氰戊菊酯在茶叶中的残留限量从 10毫克/千克降低到0.1毫克/千克,使中国茶叶出口面临严峻的挑战。


世界卫生组织和联合国粮 农组织(WHO/FAO)对农药残留限量的定义为 , 按照良好的农业生产(GAP)规范,直接或间接使用农药后,在食品和饲料中形成的农药残留物的最大浓度。目前,中国已制定了79种农药在32种(类 )农副产品中197项农药最高残留限量 (MRL)的国家标准。

农药标准品 (一)

农残专用级别或HPLC级别的农药标准品, 纯度均大于98%。

产品编号 产品名称 中文名称 CAS NO. 包装
205-16281 beta-Trenbolone Standard 三烯酮标准品 10161-33-8 200mg
020-15311 Butylhydroxyanisole Standard (mixture of isomers) 丁基羟基茴香醚标准品 25013-16-5 200mg
086-08241 Hydrocortisone Standard 氢化可的松标准品 50-23-7 200mg
158-02531 Oxacillin Sodium Monohydrate Standard 苯唑西林钠一水合物标准品 7240-38-2 200mg
159-2561 Oxydozanide Standard 五氯柳胺标准品 2277-92-1 200mg
208-16271 Trenbolone Acetate Standard 乙酸去甲雄三烯醇酮标准品 10161-34-9 200mg
159-02681 (5Z)-Orysastrobin Standard (5z)-肟醚菌胺标准品   50mg
011-20051 (Aminomethyl)phosphonic Acid Standard 氨甲基磷酸标准品 1066-51-9 200mg
044-26063 (E)-Dimethylvinphos Standard E-甲基毒虫畏标准品 71363-52-5 50mg
063-04131 (E)-Ferimzone Standard E-嘧菌腙标准品   200mg
139-15891 (E)-Metominostrobin Standard (E)-苯氧菌胺标准品 133408-50-1 100mg
132-15521 (E)-Mevinphos Standard (E)-速灭磷标准品 298-01-1 100mg
167-16691 (E)-Pyrifenox Standard E-啶斑肟标准品 83227-22-9 200mg
166-19841 (E)-Pyriminobac-methyl Standard 嘧草醚标准品 147411-696 200mg
215-01331 (R)-Uniconazole Standard 烯效唑标准品 83657-16-3 50mg
023-12741 (RS)-s-Butylamine Standard (+/-)-1-甲基丙胺标准品 13952-84-6 200mg
045-25231 (Z)-DimethyMnphos Standard (Z)二甲基亚硝胺标准品 67628-93-7 200mg
067-05011 (Z)-Fenpyroximate Standard (z)-唑螨酯标准品 149054-53-5 20mg
066-04121 (Z)-Ferimzone Standard (Z)-嘧菌腙标准品 89269-64-7 200mg
139-15911 (Z)-Metominostrobin Standard (z)-苯氧菌胺标准品 133408-51-2 20mg
139-15531 (Z)-Mevinphos Standard (Z)-速灭磷标准品 33845-4 100mg
160-16701 (Z)-Pyrifenox Standard (Z)-比芬诺标准品 83227-23-0 200mg
163-19851 (Z)-Pyriminobac-methyl Standard (z)-嘧草醚标准品 147411-709 50mg
044-29601 1.1-DiChloro-2.2-bis(4-ethylphenyl)Ethane Standard l,1-二氯-2,2-二(4-乙苯)乙烷标准品 72-56-0 200mg
054-04121 1 2-DIbromoEthane Standard Solution l,2-二溴甲烷标准溶液 106-93-4 1mLx5
133-14831 1-Methylpiperidine Standard 1-甲基哌啶标准品 626-67-5 200mg
141-06501 1-Naphthylacetamide Standard 萘乙酰胺标准品 86-86-2 200mg
148-06511 1-Naphthylacetic Acid Standard a-萘乙酸标准品 86-87-3 200mg
208-11911 2,4,5-T Standard 2,4,5-T标准品 93-76-5 200mg
204-13451 2,4,5-T-butyl Standard 2,4,5-特丁基标准品 93-79-8 200mg
203-15481 2,4,6-Tnchlorophenol Standard 三氧苯酚标准品 32296 200mg
048-29741 2,4-DB Standard 2,4-DB标准品 94-82-6 200mg
045-25591 2,4-DiChloroaniline Standard 2,4-二氯苯胺标准品 554-00-7 200mg
164-18161 2,4-PA-butyl Standard 2,4-聚酰胺-丁基标准品 94-80-4 200mg
045-29371 2,6-Difluorobenzoic Acid Standard 2,6-二氟苯甲酸标准品 385-00-2 200mg
043-29811 2,6-Diisopropylnaphthalene Standard 2,6-二异丙基标准品 24157-81-1 200mg
011-08711 2-Aminobenzimidazole Standard 2-氨基苯并咪唑标准品 93432-7 200mg
169-17871 2-Phenylphenol Standard 邻苯基苯酚标准品 90-43-7 200mg
206-16951 3-(2,4,6-TrimethylphenylsuIfonyl)-1,2,4-triazole Standard 3-(2,4,6三甲基苯基磺酰基)-1,2,4三唑标准品 149591-20-8 S0mg
134-11941 3-(Methylphosphinico)propionic Acid Standard 3-(甲基膦酸基)丙酸标准品 15090-23-0 200mg
085-08571 3-Hydroxycarbofuran Standard 3-羟基呋喃丹标准品 16655-82-6 50mg
046-28441 4,4-Dimethyl-2-oxazolidinone Standard 4,4-双甲基-2-噁唑烷酮标准品 26654-39-7 200mg
030-19511 4-CPA Standard 对氧苯氧乙酸标准品 122-88-3 200mg
086-08501 4-Hydroxybiphenyl Standard 对羟基苯酚标准品 92-69-3 200mg
131-15731 4-Methyl-1,2,3 thiadiazole-5-Carboxylic Acid standard 4-甲基-1,2,3-噻二唑-5-甲酸标准品 18212-21-0 100mg
080-08521 5-Hydroxythiabendazole Standard 5-羟基噻苯咪唑标准品 948-71-0 20mg
022-15251 6-Benzylaminopunne Standard 6-苄氨基嘌呤标准品 1214-39-7 200mg
032-20561 6-Chloropicolinic Acid Standard 2-氯吡啶-6-羧酸标准品 4684-94-0 100mg
016-20361 Abamectin Standard 阿维菌素标准品 71751-41-2 200mg
018-18591 Acequinocyl Standard 灭螨醌标准品 57960_19_7 200mg
011-18601 Acequinocyl-hydroxy Standard 羟基灭螨醌标准品 57960-31-3 200mg
014-16491 Acetamiprid Standard 啶虫脒标准品 160430-64-8 200mg
013-20511 Acetochlor Standard 乙草胺标准品 34256-82-1 100mg
018-19451 Acibenzolar Acid Standard 阿拉酸式苯标准品 35272-27-6 100mg
014-18331 Acibenzolar-S-methyl Standard 阿拉酸式苯-S-甲基标准品 135158-542 200mg
010-20521 Aafluorfen Standard 三氟羚草醚标准品 50594-66-6 200mg
013-15741 ACN Standard ACN标准品 2797-51-5 200mg
018-16651 Acrinathrin Standard 氟丙菊酯标准品 101007-06-1 200mg
017-15521 Alanycarb Standard 棉铃威标准品 83130-01-2 200mg
018-17011 Allethrin Standard 烯丙菊酯标准品 584-792 200mg
019-20611 Allidocfilor Standard 二丙烯草胺标准品 93-71-0 100mg
015-09733 Alloxydim Sodium Standard 禾草灭标准品 55635-13-7 200mg
019-13641 Ametryn Standard 莠灭净标准品 834-128 200mg
011-14941 Amitraz Metabolite HydroChlonde Standard 双甲脒盐酸盐代谢物标准品 51550-40-4 200mg
015-09593 Amitraz Standard 双甲眯标准品 33089-61-1 200mg

Wako Y-27632 331752-47-7

Wako Y-27632 331752-47-7
CAS No.:331752-47-7

CultureSure® Y-27632 for Cell Culture
CAS RN® : 331752-47-7

030-24021 1mg
036-24023 5mg
034-24024 25mg
030-24026 100mg

CultureSure® 10mmol/l Y-27632 Solution, Animal-derived-free
for Cell Culture
CAS RN® : 331752-47-7

035-24593 1mL
039-24591 300uL

Y-27632, MF
for Cell Culture
CAS RN® : 331752-47-7

259-00613 5mg

257-00614 25mg



本产品是具有选择性的强力ROCK(Rho-associated coiled-coil forming kinase/Rho结合酶)抑制剂。通过收缩ROCK信号传导系统的血管平滑肌,抑制癌细胞的浸润和控制细胞分化。2007年笹井等人对人类ES细胞培养时,做了许多因分散而抑制细胞死亡的报告。

近年发现,本产品的人类ES细胞、人类iPS细胞冷冻保存液在冷冻保存后解冻,向培养基中添加10 μmol/L,会大幅改善克隆形成率。同时,冷冻保存的ES细胞解冻后,同样用含本产品的培养基进行培养,也可以得到不错的形成率。




溶解性:水(2.5 mg/mL)


CAS No.:331752-47-7



  •   高品质:纯度98.0%以上(HPLC)
  •   价格低廉


①hESCs 维持培养

②分离的hESCs在10 μmol/L Y-27632溶液中分裂

③10 μmol/Y-27632中单个hESCs缓慢冷冻



Y-27632, MF


Y-27632, MF已于2015年9月注册原药等登记原簿(Master File)的培养基添加物。


和光纯药工业是API Corporation唯一认可的Y-27632制造贩卖商。






内毒素:低于0.25 EU/mg

活菌数检测:低于20 CFU/g


CAS No.:331752-47-7



Y-27632 细胞生物学用

CultureSure 低分子化合物


StemSure Series



产品编号 产品名称 规格 包装
CultureSure® Y-27632
细胞培养 1 mg
5 mg
25 mg
197-16275 StemSure® D-MEM(High Glucose) with Phenol Red and Sodium Pyruvate 细胞培养 500 mL
StemSure® hPSC Medium Δ


细胞培养 100 mL
100 mL×4
197-16775 StemSure® Serum Replacement (SSR) 细胞培养 500 mL
198-15781 StemSure® 10mmol/L 2-Mercaptoethanol Solution(x100) 细胞培养 100 mL
195-15791 StemSure® 50mmol/L Monothioglycerol Solution(x100)
细胞培养 100 mL
190-15805 StemSure® 0.1w/v% Gelatin Solution 细胞培养 500 mL
195-16031 StemSure® Freezing Medium 细胞培养 100 mL
StemSure® LIF, Mouse, recombinant, Solution 细胞培养 106 units
106 units×10
rBC2LCN-FITC [AiLecS1-FITC] 细胞染色 100 μL

100 μL×5


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  8. Ito, H., et al.: Liver Int., 32, 592 (2012).
产品编号 产品名称 产品规格 产品等级 产品价格
257-00511 Y-27632 1 mg 细胞生物学  
253-00513 Y-27632 5 mg 细胞生物学  
251-00514 Y-27632 25 mg 细胞生物学  
253-00591 5mmol/L Y-27632 Solution 300 μL 细胞培养  
259-00613 Y-27632, MF 5 mg 细胞培养  
257-00614 Y-27632, MF 25 mg 细胞培养  


品牌 产品编号 产品名称 等级 规格 CAS No.
Wako 和光纯药 039-24591 CultureSure® 10mmol/l Y-27632 Solution, Animal-derived-free  CultureSure® 10mmol/l Y-27632 溶液,无动物来源 for Cell Culture 300 ul 331752-47-7
Wako 035-24593 CultureSure® 10mmol/l Y-27632 Solution, Animal-derived-free Cell Culture 1 ml 331752-47-7
Wako 257-00511 Y-27632 for Cellbiology 1 mg 331752-47-7
Wako 253-00591 5 mmol/L Y-27632 Solution for Cell Culture 300 ul 331752-47-7
Wako 030-24021 CultureSure® Y-27632  选择性ROCK抑制剂 for Cell Culture 1 mg 331752-47-7
Wako 036-24023 CultureSure® Y-27632  选择性ROCK抑制剂 for Cell Culture 5 mg 331752-47-7
Wako 034-24024 CultureSure® Y-27632  选择性ROCK抑制剂 for Cell Culture 25 mg 331752-47-7
Wako 259-00613 Y-27632, MF  选择性强效ROCK抑制剂 for Cell Culture 5 mg 331752-47-7
Wako 257-00614 Y-27632, MF  选择性强效ROCK抑制剂 for Cell Culture 25 mg 331752-47-7
Wako 253-00513 Y-27632 for Cellbiology 5 mg 331752-47-7
Wako 251-00514 Y-27632 for Cellbiology 25 mg 331752-47-7

Wako 9011-18-1 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 5000 葡聚糖硫酸酯钠5000

Wako 9011-18-1 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 5000 葡聚糖硫酸酯钠5000

Sodium Dextran Sulfate 5000
CAS No.:9011-18-1

外观 White – slightly yellow, crystalline powder – powder

含量 Total sulfur : 15.0 – 20.0%

Sulfated product of dextran, which is a polymer of glucose, a polysaccharide. The average molecular weight is ca 5000 (range: 1000 to 9000). The product is used for enhancement of nucleic acid hybridization. As a reagent of the molecular biology grade, it has been confirmed for DNase and RNase activities.

葡聚糖的硫酸化产物,它是葡萄糖的一种聚合物,是一种多糖。 平均分子量约为5000(范围:1000至9000)。该产物用于增强核酸杂交。 作为分子生物学级的试剂,已证实其DNase和RNase活性。
Sodium dextran sulfate
Dextran sulfate sodium salt
Dextran sulfate, sodium salt
Dextran sulfuric acid ester sodium salt
Dextran Sulfate . Na
Dextran sodium sulfate
Dextran hydrogen sulfate sodium salt
Dextransulfuric acid ester sodium salt
Dextran Sulfate, NA
Dextran Sulphate Sodium Salt
品牌 产品编号 产品名称 等级 规格 CAS No.
Wako   和光纯药 197-09984 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 500,000  葡聚糖硫酸钠 500,000 for Biochemistry 100 g 9011-18-1
Wako   和光纯药 193-09981 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 500,000 葡聚糖硫酸酯钠盐 500,000 for Biochemistry 10 g 9011-18-1
Wako   和光纯药 191-08365 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 5,000  葡聚糖硫酸钠 5,000 for Biochemistry 500 g 9011-18-1
Wako   和光纯药 194-14921 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 36,000~50,000  葡聚糖硫酸钠 36,000~5,0000 No grade 10 g 9011-18-1
Wako   和光纯药 194-13402 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 5000  葡聚糖硫酸钠盐5,000 for Molecular Biology 25 g 9011-18-1
Wako   和光纯药 198-13405 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 5000  葡聚糖硫酸酯钠5000 for Molecular Biology 500 g 9011-18-1
Wako   和光纯药 199-09983 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 500,000  葡聚糖硫酸钠500,000 for Biochemistry 50 g 9011-18-1
Wako   和光纯药 196-13401 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 5000  葡聚糖硫酸钠盐5,000 for Molecular Biology 100 g 9011-18-1
Wako   和光纯药 197-08362 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 5,000  葡聚糖硫酸钠盐5,000 for Biochemistry 25 g 9011-18-1
Wako   和光纯药 199-08361 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 5,000  葡聚糖硫酸钠盐5,000 for Biochemistry 100 g 9011-18-1
Wako   和光纯药 196-14925 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 36,000~50,000  葡聚糖硫酸钠 36,000~5,0000 No grade 500 g 9011-18-1
Wako   和光纯药 190-14923 Sodium Dextran Sulfate 36,000~50,000 No grade 100 g 9011-18-1

Wako TRAP/ALP染色试剂盒

Wako TRAP/ALP染色试剂盒

英文名称:TRAP/ALP stain kit
等级:for Pathology Research




 ● 使用时混合3种溶液,可制备TRAP酶活性染色的显色底物溶液。

 ● ALP酶活性染色使用的是预混物溶液,操作简便。

 ● TRAP的活性部位呈红紫色,ALP的活性部位呈蓝色(茶褐色),可双重染色。

 ● 适用于骨组织切片(脱钙GMA树脂包埋切片)以及培养细胞。



● 酒石酸溶液(×10)·······3mL
● 酸性磷酸酶底物液A······30 mL
●  酸性磷酸酶底物液B······3 mL
● 核染色试剂··············10 mL
● 碱性磷酸酶预混物溶液····30 mL




● 用TRAP染色剂使破骨细胞呈红色
● 用ALP染色剂使成骨细胞的细胞膜、软骨细胞和细胞间膜呈茶褐色
● 用核染色试剂使各种细胞核呈蓝绿色。




MC 3T3-E1细胞ALP活性染色


东京大学医学部附属医院 整形外科脊椎外科 第2研究室 河源 元






















  ALP酶是含有金属Zn蛋白。通过脱钙处理,酶的组成成分Zn被去除,导致酶失活。为弥补此缺点,需要添加ZnSO4,作为ALP活化剂。换言之,100mL脱钙液需添加0.4mL  1%ZnSO4,来补充Zn离子。并且,作为脱钙剂,在柠檬酸盐酸缓冲液添加Zn的同时,也可尝试添加相同螯合剂EDTA溶液进行研究。另外,也可研究能否在酸性脱钙剂(甲酸福尔马林溶液)进行酶反应。结果显示,脱钙液添加EDTA溶液后染色良好。反之,甲酸福尔马林溶液不能进行酶染色(图4)。脱钙方法利用超声波脱钙装置(Histra-DC,正常光)在8~16℃的低温环境下,连续操作3-6天,对样品进行脱钙处理。脱钙后用添加甘氨酸的巴比妥缓冲液(pH7.4)清洗,磷酸钙附着在组织上,防止沉淀。

















产品编号 产品名称 规格 包装
294-67001 TRAP/ALP双重染色试剂盒

TRAP/ALP Stain Kit

病理研究用 60次



[1] 須田立雄、小澤英浩、高橋栄明著:「骨の科学」(医歯薬出版)(1985).

[2] 河原元:技術講座、続・病理組織標本作製完全マニュアルシリーズ第2回硬組織検査法,


[3] 「骨形態計測ハンドブック」第1版,p.67(1983)

[4] 末吉徳芳ら:技術講座、組織固定法—より良い固定を目指して,MedicalTechnology,


[5] Localization of AlkalinePhosphatase in MammalianBones by I. JOANLORCH

[6] Conyers,R.A.J.:Biochem.Biophys.Acta(Amst),138,363-371(1976)

[7] Gomori,G.:Proc.Soc.Exptl.Biol.Med.,42,23(1939)

[8] Barka,T.and Anderson,P..:J.Histochem.Cytochem.10,741(1962)

[9] 影山圭三、渡辺陽之輔:「病理組織標本の作り方」,慶応義塾大学医学部病理学教室編,


Wako 二氧化硅,硅胶,7631-86-9

Wako 二氧化硅,硅胶,7631-86-9

Neo BLUE,1-2mm CAS : 7631-86-9 145-07361 500g

Neo BLUE,2-4mm Discontinued CAS : 7631-86-9 142-07371  500g

Neo BLUE,3-5mm Discontinued CAS : 7631-86-9 149-07381  500g

品牌 产品编号 产品名称 等级 规格 CAS No.
Wako 193-16635 Silica Gel, Small Granular, Mixed(Green) 硅胶,小颗粒,混合(绿色) No grade 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 192-18285 SilicaGel,LargeGranular,Blue  硅胶,LargeGranular,蓝 500g 7631-86-9
Wako 199-18295 SilicaGel,SmallGranular,Blue  硅胶,SmallGranular,蓝 500g 7631-86-9
Wako 190-18301 SilicaGel,MediumGranular,Blue  硅胶,MediumGranular,蓝 3kg 7631-86-9
Wako 192-18305 SilicaGel,MediumGranular,Blue  硅胶,MediumGranular,蓝 500g 7631-86-9
Wako 197-16655 Silica Gel, Medium Granular, Mixed(Green)  硅胶,中等颗粒,混合(绿色) No grade 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 199-00625 Silicon Dioxide  二氧化硅 JIS Special Grade 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 238-01465 Wakogel C-300HG (40 – 60um, 70% up) for Column Chromatography 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 190-00471 Silica Gel, Medium Granular, Blue  硅胶,中粒,蓝色 3 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 238-01781 Wakogel DX  硅胶Wakogel® DX for Dioxins Analysis 100 g 7631-86-9
Wako 191-00445 Silica Gel, Small Granular, Blue  硅胶,小粒,蓝色 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 321-38372 Silicon Dioxide, 70nm 25 g 7631-86-9
Wako 148-07378 Neo BLUE,2-4mm No grade 10 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 192-00497 Silica Gel, Medium Granular, Mixed  硅胶,中粒,混合物 12.5 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 190-16645 Silica Gel, Medium Granular, Green  硅胶,中等颗粒,绿色 No grade 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 198-00477 Silica Gel, Medium Granular, Blue  硅胶,中粒,蓝色 12.5 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 194-16665 Silica Gel, Large Granular, Green  硅胶,大颗粒,绿色 No grade 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 239-01711 5% Water-impregnated Silica Gel for Environment Analysis 100 g 7631-86-9
Wako 140-07377 Neo BLUE,2-4mm  硅胶,蓝色,2-4mm No grade 13 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 198-16641 Silica Gel, Medium Granular, Green  硅胶,中等颗粒,绿色 No grade 3 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 142-07371 Neo BLUE,2-4mm  硅胶,蓝色,2-4mm No grade 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 196-00515 Silica Gel, Large Granular, White  硅胶,大粒,白色 No grade 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 196-08295 Silicon Dioxide  二氧化硅 Practical Grade 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 191-16675 Silica Gel, Large Granular, Mixed(Green)  硅胶,大颗粒,混合(绿色) No grade 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 190-09072 Silicon Dioxide, 99.9%  99.9%二氧化硅 No grade 25 g 7631-86-9
Wako 145-07361 Neo BLUE,1-2mm  硅胶,蓝色,1-2mm No grade 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 190-16667 Silica Gel, Large Granular, Green   硅胶,大颗粒,绿色 No grade 12 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 236-01461 Wakogel C-300HG (40 – 60um, 70% up)   Wakogel® C-300HG (40 – 60um, 70% up)硅胶填充剂 for Column Chromatography 2 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 190-08298 Silicon Dioxide  二氧化硅 Practical Grade 20 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 193-16657 Silica Gel, Medium Granular, Mixed(Green)   硅胶,中等颗粒,混合(绿色) No grade 12 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 196-16647 Silica Gel, Medium Granular, Green  硅胶,中等颗粒,绿色 No grade 12 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 143-07367 Neo BLUE,1-2mm  二氧化硅Neo BLUE,1-2mm No grade 13 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 196-16625 Silica Gel, Small Granular, Green  硅胶,小颗粒,绿色 No grade 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 196-00635 Silicon Dioxide  二氧化硅 Wako 1st Grade 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 192-09071 Silicon Dioxide, 99.9% 二氧化硅,99.9% No grade 100 g 7631-86-9
Wako 199-00485 Silica Gel, Medium Granular, White  硅胶,中粒,蓝色 No grade 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 192-00475 Silica Gel, Medium Granular, Blue  硅胶,中粒,蓝色 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 193-00525 Silica Gel, Large Granular, Mixed 二氧化硅,大粒,混合物 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 195-00507 Silica Gel, Large Granular, Blue  硅胶,大粒,蓝色 12.5 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 196-00495 Silica Gel, Medium Granular, Mixed  硅胶,中粒,混合物 500 g 7631-86-9
Wako 232-01468 Wakogel® C-300HG (40 – 60um, 70% up)  硅胶 C-300HG (40 – 60um, 70+%) for Column Chromatography 25 kg 7631-86-9
Wako 199-00505 Silica Gel, Large Granular, Blue  硅胶,大粒,蓝色 500 g 7631-86-9