Harlan Teklad 2018  global 18% protein rodent diets

Harlan Teklad 2018  global 18% protein rodent diets

Harlan Teklad动物饲料


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Product Features

  • Designed to support gestation, lactation, and growth
  • Formulated to reduce soybean meal, thus minimizing the presence of isoflavones, the primary type of phytoestrogen found in lab animal diets
  • Typical isoflavone concentrations (daidzein + genistein aglycone equivalents) range from 150 to 250 mg/kg
  • Exclusion of alfalfa reduces chlorophyll, greatly improving fluorescent optical imagingclarity
  • Absence of animal protein and fish meal minimizes the presence of nitrosamines (a potential carcinogen)
Teklad rodent diets Non-autoclavable form Autoclavable Irradiated
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  • 用于支持妊娠、哺乳和生长的
  • 减少豆粕的配方,从而尽量减少异黄酮的存在。异黄酮是大豆的主要类型。植物雌激素在实验室动物饮食中发现的
  • 典型的异黄酮浓度(大豆苷元+染料木素苷元当量)为150至250毫克/千克。
  • 紫花苜蓿的排斥降低了叶绿素含量,大大提高了叶绿素含量。荧光光学成像清晰性
  • 缺乏动物蛋白质和鱼粉可使亚硝胺(一种潜在的致癌物质)的存在减少到最低限度。
特克勒德啮齿类食物 不可蒸压式 高压釜 辐照
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