Wako和光纯药Activin A Solution, Human, Recombinant

Activin A Solution, Human, Recombinant

Activin A is a member of the TGF-β superfamily of growth factors. It regulates a variety of cellular functions, including cell proliferation, differentiation, induction of apoptosis, and survival of neurons. During embryogenesis, activin A forms a gradient of concentration and specifies different cell fates in a concentration-dependent manner. Thus, in the field of regenerative medicine, this morphogen can serve as a valuable tool for inducing the differentiation of ES/iPS cells.
This activin A is manufactured by Ajinomoto Co., Inc. The manufacturer has applied to the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) in Japan for a consultation on the Raw Material Eligibility for Regenerative Medicine, and obtained written confirmation stating that this product does not contain any raw materials to which the Standards for Biological Ingredients are applicable. This product is safe for use.

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  • Obtained written confirmation of the Raw Material Eligibility for Regenerative Medicine.
  • Produced by the Japanese manufacturer with effective change control, ensuring the stable supply and high quality of this recombinant protein.
  • Displays minimum lot-to-lot variability in performance.
  • Low endotoxin level
  • Eliminates laborious reconstitution steps (liquid form).

Product Information

  • Source: E. coli expressed human activin A
  • Formulation: 0.1 mg/mL activin A in 50 mM sodium acetate buffer,pH 4.6. (0.2 μm filtered)
  • Amino-acid Sequence: Gly311-Ser426
  • UniProt Accession Number: P08476
  • Purity (by SDS-PAGE): ≥97%
  • Biological Activity:
    The ED50: 50~150% vs. WHO std.*
    (Measured by its ability to induce hemoglobin expression in K562 human chronic myelogenous leukemia cells. Method Enzymol., 198, 340 (1991))
    * Activin A WHO international std., NIBSC code: 91/626
  • Endotoxin Level: <0.01 EU/μg of protein


Takebe, T., Sekine, K., Kimura, M., Yoshizawa, E., Ayano, S., Koido, M., Funayama, S., Nakanishi, N., Hisai, T., Kobayashi, T., Kasai, T., Kitada, R., Mori, A., Ayabe, H., Ejiri, Y., Amimoto, N., Yamazaki, Y., Ogawa, S., Ishikawa, M., Kiyota, Y., Sato, Y., Nozawa, K., Okamoto, S., Ueno, Y., and Taniguchi, H.:
“Massive and Reproducible Production of Liver Buds Entirely from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells”, Cell Reports, 21, 2661 (2017).

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