Irvine欧文PRIME-XV Stem FreezIS DMSO-Free,91140 不含DMSO的细胞冻存液


Irvine欧文-不含DMSO的细胞冻存液(91140 – PRIME-XV Stem FreezIS DMSO-Free),不含DMSO的细胞冻存液,无血清,化学成分限定,无动物成分,用于间充质干细胞/基质细胞(MSCs)在冷冻保存过程中使用,针对MSC和HSC。不含DMSO的细胞冻存液,去除DMSO在MSC应用中可能造成的风险,与含有DMSO冻存液相比,细胞冻存情况较优。

货号:91140 用于人间充质干细胞和人造血干细胞的不含 DMSO、化学成分限定的 低温保存溶液。



·消除干细胞 应用中DMSO的风险





货号 产品名称 状态 规格 储存条件 保质期
91140 PRIME-XV Stem FreezIS DMSO-free 液体 10mL,100mL 在2-8°C下运输。 收到后立即储存在2-8°C并避光。 使用无菌技术处理。未开封的液体培养基自生产之日起可稳定保存24个月。

DMSO-free, protein-free, animal component-free, chemically defined cryopreservation solution

Eliminate the risk of DMSO toxicity and maintain potency of human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), T cells, and hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) throughout cryopreservation
Comparable post-thaw cell viability to solutions containing DMSO
Nontoxic when injected in animal models (refer to toxicological application note)
Enables cell preservation for short-term at -80°C* and long-term storage in liquid nitrogen to -196°C
Complete, ready-to-use medium
* Human MSC and PBMC (T cell) data available for short-term storage. Human HSC data is not available.

Designed and manufactured to facilitate transfer from research to clinic. Supported by robust raw material controls and supply chain management.

FDA, Federal, and State registered – cGMP-compliant manufacture
EN ISO 13485:2016 certified
MDSAP certified
Extensive QC testing including functionality, sterility (USP <71>), endotoxin (USP <85>), and mycoplasma (USP <63>)
Drug Master Files (DMFs) filed with the FDA – available upon request