Harlan动物饲料 AIN diet formulas

Harlan动物饲料 AIN diet formulas

Harlan Teklad动物饲料



These formulas are purified diets with commonly used refined ingredients. These basic formulas are often modified for a specific research purpose, such as altering the fat source, a vitamin or mineral level, or adding a compound. See the FAQ section to learn more about the history of these formulas, AIN-76A, AIN-93G, and AIN-93M.

  • CA.170481 AIN-76A purified diet
  • TD.94045 AIN-93G purified diet
  • TD.94048 AIN-93M purified diet

These formulas (as well as other purified diets) do not contain alfalfa and can be used to reduce background autofluorescence in certain imaging applications. Our Global Rodent Diets are also alfalfa-free and are suitable for imaging work. Please contact us for further information about these formulas or modifications.

Other related product codes:

  • TD.94096 version of AIN-76A suitable for irradiation (vitamin levels are increased)
  • TD.97184 version of AIN-93G suitable for irradiation (vitamin levels are increased)
  • TD.00102 version of AIN-93M suitable for irradiation (vitamin levels are increased)
  • TD.95092 modification of AIN-93G where soybean oil is replaced with corn oil.

Harlan AIN diet formulas


  • CA.170481AIN-76A纯饲料
  • TD.94045AIN-93g纯饲料
  • TD.9404893米纯饲料



  • TD.94096适合辐照的AIN-76A版本(维生素含量增加)
  • TD.97184适合辐照的an-93g版本(维生素含量增加)
  • TD.00102AIN-93m适合辐照的版本(维生素含量增加)
  • TD.95092用玉米油代替大豆油的n-93g改性。