Wako 190-15805 StemSure 0.1w/v%明胶溶液 StemSure® 0.1w/v% Gelatin Solution

Wako 190-15805 StemSure 0.1w/v%明胶溶液  StemSure® 0.1w/v% Gelatin Solution

for Cell Culture
Manufacturer : FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Storage Condition : Keep at RT.

Overview / Applications

Outline This product is for research use only. Please do not administer it to human.

StemSure Series for culture of ES cells

StemSure Series is a group of products whose quality has been confirmed by culturing mouse ES D3 strain cells and performing a colony forming test and alkaline phosphatase staining in addition to the quality specifications for liquid media for general uses.

[Product Line-Up]

a.. StemSure 10 mmol/L 2-Mercaptoethanol solution (x 100) (Wako cat.#198-15781; 100 mL)
b.. StemSure 50 mmol/L monothioglycerol solution (x 100) (Wako cat.#195-15791; 100 mL)
c.. StemSure 0.1 w/v% gelatin solution (Wako cat.#190-15805; 500 mL)
d.. StemSure LIF, mouse, recombinant, solution (Wako cat.#199-16051; 1,000,000 units)

StemSure 0.1 w/v% gelatin solution

This product is used for coating cell culture containers. It is adjusted to the concentration of use and can be used as it is. It has been confirmed that mouse ES D3 strain cells can be cultured in a plate coated with this product while maintaining the undifferentiated condition. This product has been prepared using gelatin derived from porcine skin.

Appearance Colorless clear liquid
Purity Bacterial endotoxins : <=3.0EU/ml