Wako 163-22683 Pure Sericin 纯丝胶

Wako 163-22683 Pure Sericin  纯丝胶

英文名称:Pure Sericin
CAS No.:

外观:White – pale brown, crystals – powder

PH:pH of a 10g/l solution at 25 degrees C :6.0 – 8.0

for Cell CultureSericin, a silk proteinSericin derived from silkworm is an effective supplement instead of FBS for mammalian cell culture medium.

The effects of medium containing sericin 1), 2):

  • Stimulation of cell proliferation
  • Suppression of cell-death

Furthermore, serum-free freezing medium containing 1 (w/v)% sericin successfully cryopreserved both P3U1 myeloma cell line and Chinese-hamster ovary cells as efficiently as the conventional medium of FBS containing 10% DMSO3).Sericin is an efficient factor as a component of serum-free cell freezing medium


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This product is for research use only. Do not administer it to human.
The product information is shown on the page #11 of Wako Product Update No. 17.

Wako 163-22683 Pure Sericin  纯丝胶

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Wako 167-22681 Pure Sericin for Cell Culture 1 g
Wako 163-22683 Pure Sericin for Cell Culture 5 g