Wako 294-80201 ScreenFect™UP-293

Wako 294-80201 ScreenFect™UP-293

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Wako   和光纯药 294-80201 ScreenFect™UP-293 for Genetic Research 100 ml用
Wako   和光纯药 290-80203 ScreenFect™UP-293 for Genetic Research 1 L用

This product is for research use only. Do not administer it to human.
This is transfection reagent for Expi 293™ Expression System and FreeStyle™ 293 Expression System. It is suitable for large-scale expression of recombinant antibodies and proteins. ScreenFect™ UP-293 Booster added after transfection significantly enhances cellular protein expression.
This product contains transfection reagent only. Cells and media are not included.
·Low price
·High expression of putative protein
·Only to change the transfection reagent

[Product composition]
·ScreenFect™ UP-293 Transfection Reagent
·ScreenFect™ UP-293 Dilution Buffer
·ScreenFect™ UP-293 Booster

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