Wako 299-79901 组织透明化试剂盒 SCALEVIEW-S Trial Kit

Wako 299-79901 组织透明化试剂盒 SCALEVIEW-S Trial Kit

The original recipe reported by the Miyawaki team in 2011 termed Scale was an aqueous solution based on urea that is limited because the transparency process itself can damage the structures under study.
The research team spent 5 years improving the effectiveness of the original recipe to overcome this critical challenge, and the result is ScaleS, (we called SCALEVIEW-S) a new technique with many practical applications. SCALEVIEW-S creates transparent brains with minimal tissue damage, that can handle both florescent and immunohistochemical labeling techniques, and is even effective in older animals.
The new technique creates transparent brain samples that can be stored in SCALEVIEW-S solution for more than a year without damage. Internal structures maintain their original shape and brains are firm enough to permit the micron-thick slicing necessary for more detailed analyses.

Miyawaki 团队在 2011 年报告的原始配方称为 Scale 是一种基于尿素的水溶液,它是有限的,因为透明过程本身会损坏正在研究的结构。
研究团队花了 5 年时间改进原始配方的有效性以克服这一关键挑战,结果是 ScaleS,(我们称为 SCALEVIEW-S)一种具有许多实际应用的新技术。 SCALEVIEW-S 创造了组织损伤最小的透明大脑,可以处理荧光和免疫组织化学标记技术,甚至对老年动物也有效。
新技术创造了透明的大脑样本,可以在 SCALEVIEW-S 解决方案中存储一年多而不会损坏。 内部结构保持其原始形状,大脑足够坚固,可以进行更详细分析所需的微米厚切片。

Overview / Applications

Outline This product is for research use only. Do not administer it to human.
SCALEVIEW-S series are reagent used for ScaleS. ScaleS is tissue clearing method developed by Dr. Atsushi Miyawaki etc. This method uses solutions with mainly urea.
The tissue is made transparent and adjusted RI for microscopic observation by soaking in 6 kinds of solutions (SCALEVIEW-S0, SCALEVIEW-S1, SCALEVIEW-S2, SCALEVIEW-S3, SCALEVIEW-S4, SCALEVIEW-SMt). 2mm section can be made transparent in 1 day using the reagents.
The method can make a transparent tissue keeping the structure of proteins. Therefore it is possible to observe the tissue expressing fluorescent proteins, and to label by antibody and/or fluorescent dye after tissue clearing. It’s also applicable to not only mouse and rat brain but also human after dye. The transparent tissue can be observed for electric microscope or confocal microscope.
ScaleS is higher transparency than ScaleA2.

See the following website for more details.
* The cleaning solution, deScale Solution (041-34425) , is sold separately.

概述 / 应用

SCALEVIEW-S 系列是用于 ScaleS 的试剂。 ScaleS 是宫胁敦博士等开发的组织清除方法。该方法使用以尿素为主的溶液。
通过浸泡在 6 种溶液(SCALEVIEW-S0、SCALEVIEW-S1、SCALEVIEW-S2、SCALEVIEW-S3、SCALEVIEW-S4、SCALEVIEW-SMt)中使组织透明并调整 RI 用于显微观察。 2mm 切片可以在 1 天内使用试剂变透明。
ScaleS 的透明度高于 ScaleA2。


* 清洁液 deScale Solution (041-34425) 单独出售。

Product List

Product Name
SCALEVIEW-A2 Tissue Optical Clearing Reagent
SCALEVIEW-S0 Tissue Optical Clearing Reagent
SCALEVIEW-S1 Tissue Optical Clearing Reagent
SCALEVIEW-S2 Tissue Optical Clearing Reagent
SCALEVIEW-S3 Tissue Optical Clearing Reagent
SCALEVIEW-S4 Tissue Optical Clearing Reagent
SCALEVIEW-SMt Tissue Optical Clearing Reagent
deScale Solution Tissue Optical Clearing Reagent

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